My Top 5 Travel Cribs For Babies – You Don’t Want To Go Without Them

Top 5 Travel cribs for Babies
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Traveling with a baby is already challenging as it is. So, every gadget that can make your (travel)- life and vacation easier should have top priority on your packing list.

My choices of the top five travel cribs for babies are fantastic if you are looking for a lightweight, easy to clean and affordable travel crib.

One of the most important things is that you, your baby and toddler get a good night sleep while on your vacation. Nothing is worth than suffering from sleep deprivation. Trust me on this one. 🙂

Taking a travel crib when you go on a vacation is a must-have for several reasons.

  1. You can familiarize your little one with the crib at home so he/she can get used to it.
  2. That way they feel comfortable and cozy in a new surrounding. Traveling can be unsettling for littlies so at least they have got something they know.
  3. It is easier to settle them to sleep.
  4. You get a good-night sleep. (hopefully!)
  5. You can avoid travel cribs from the hotel that might be not so hygienic.
  6. Overall, you will be more independent when booking a room.

My favorite travel cribs for babies, and for toddlers, have to fit certain criteria’s that are important to me. I have been through a few, and the most annoying part is when it is hard to fold them back together.

So here are the things I am looking for in a good travel crib:

  • easy to install and put back together again
  • stable and sturdy
  • easy to clean
  • lightweight
  • suitable for babies and toddlers up to three years old.

If you are not a big fan of travel cribs, please check out my recommendations on travel beds.

Comparison Chart For Top Five Travel Cribs For Babies

For a quick overview, please check out my comparison chart with important features like the weight, size and a price indication.

Our Top PicksWeightSizePriceDescription
lotus travel crib
Lotus Travel Crib
13lbs45" L x 32" W x 25" H$$$The Lotus Crib is a great travel crib and play yard to take on a holiday. It is lightweight and easy to set up.
baby bjorn travel crib
Babybjorn Travel Crib Light
13lbs44" L x 32" W x 24" H$$$The Babybjorn travel crib is a beautiful and stylish travel companion with a thick, comfortable mattress.
graco jetsetter lite
Graco Jetsetter Light
20lbs36.5" x 38.8" x 27"$$The Graco Jetsetter is a light, compact travel crib with a cozy bassinet which is very useful to have.
Fisher-Price Travel Crib
Fisher Price Ultra Light
15lbs 30.9" x 40.6" x 27.6"$$The Fisher-Price Ultra Day and Night Play Yard is an affordable option for traveling since it is lightweight and sturdy.
Graco Travel Lite Crib
Graco Travel Lite Crib
19.1lbs23.2" x 33.5" x 32.2"$ The Graco Travel Lite Crib is a great travel companion with the removable bassinet, canopy and compact fold.

By the way, my top 5 travel cribs are listed in no particular order. Of course, they are always pros and cons to each of them. Which one is right for you, depends on your individual wants and needs.

My Top 5 Travel Cribs For Babies (And Toddlers)

#1 Lotus Travel Crib

lotus travelcribWeight: 13lbs
External Size: 45″ L x 32″ W x 25″ H
Size When Folded: 23″ L x 8″ W x 12″ H
Prize: $$$

The Lotus travel crib is not only stylish looking but also very practical. With thirteen pounds it is very light, and you can set it up in less than a minute. It folds down so small that you can take on board the airplane as a carry-on luggage.

The Lotus features a breathable clear view mesh to allow for full airflow and a good view of your child. My favorite feature is side mesh door which you can fully unzip. So your little one can crawl in there and out if they wish too.

The mattress sits on the floor but is still comfortable enough for a restful sleep. For peace of mind, the materials don’t contain harmful chemicals. The crib received the Greenguard stamp for low chemical emissions.

You can carry the travel crib as a backpack, so you have your hands free or as a briefcase style bag.

The Lotus Crib comes with the crib, the mattress and a carry bag with convertible backpack straps. The crib can also be converted to a bassinet which you can buy separately as an add-on.

Are there any Cons?

No product is perfect and a few customers noticed some flaws with the Lotus Crib. The mattress is not very thick as for instance the Babybjorn and therefore not very comfortable for their child. Some also found it difficult to put the velcro straps into place to secure the mattress and sheet.

Overall, the Lotus Crib is a great travel crib and play yard to take on a holiday. It is lightweight and easy to set up.

Please Check The Price On Amazon

# 2 Babybjorn Travel Crib Light

babybjorn travel crib lightWeight: 13 lbs
External Size: 44″ L x 32″ W x 24″ H
Size Of Mattress: 41″ L x 23.5″ W
Prize: $$$

The Babybjorn travel crib is a beautiful and stylish travel companion with a thick, comfortable mattress. The mattress has a built-in base plate that keeps it firmly on the floor.

The mattress cover and the crib fabric can be removed, and machine washed. Setting it up is a breeze. There is see-through mesh all around to allow for airflow, and you can see your baby at all times.

The materials are free from harmful and allergenic substances which show in the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate. Most airlines check the Babybjorn for free, but there is no guarantee, unfortunately.

When the Babybjorn is folded, you can carry it like a briefcase. I like that you can choose from seven different colors.

Are there any Cons?

Some buyers have concerns regarding how deep the crib is since the mattress sits on the floor. If you are short, it might be hard to bend over to pick up your baby or to put your child down for a nap.

Overall, the Babybjorn Travel Crib Light is a lightweight and good quality travel crib with lots of happy customers.

Please Check The Price On Amazon

#3 Graco Pack’N Play Playard Jetsetter graco jetsetter lite

Weight: 20 lbs
Size: 36.5″ x 38.8″ x 27″
Price: $$

The Graco Jetsetter Travel Crib features a bassinet, air mesh sides for comfortable air flow. It also has a portable changing pad which is easy to clean.

The bassinet has a built-in 2-speed vibration to soothe baby to sleep. You can attach a full-sized dome canopy on top of the crib to shut out light and make it more comfortable for your little darling.

The Graco signature push-button makes it easy to fold the travel crib down. It folds down to a compact travel pack which you can wear as a backpack. The feet and wheels are folding down to help with the compact design.

I like that the bassinet folds right with the play yard which is very convenient. The bassinet is suitable for babies up to 15lbs and who are unable to push themselves up on hands and knees.

Are there any Cons?

A few buyers had issues with folding the crib together, and one had a problem with the weak material.

Overall, the feedback about the Jetsetter is excellent. The Graco Jetsetter is a light, compact travel crib with a cozy bassinet which is useful to have.

Please Check The Price On Amazon

# 4 Fisher-Price Ultra-Lite Day and Night Play Yard

fisher price ultra lite night travel crib Weight: 15 lbs
Size: 30.9″ x 40.6″ x 27.6″
Size when folded: 23″ H x 26″ W x 7″ D
Prize: $$

The Fisher-Price is a more affordable option compared to the Lotus Travel Crip and  Babybjorn crib.

It features an inclined sleeper for infants which is suitable until they start rolling over or become more active.

There is an air mesh around the sides for excellent airflow and a good view of your baby. The mattress is sitting on the floor that makes this travel crib more stable.

The Fisher-Price crib is easy to fold and with 15lbs easy to carry. It folds down to the size of a briefcase and can be carried with a shoulder strap. It is quite big and bulky in my opinion.

Are there any Cons?

Similar to remarks about the Babybjorn, shorter people find it hard to put a baby in the crib since the mattress is sitting on the floor. Bending over can be hard on your back.

Overall, the Fisher-Price Ultra Day and Night Play Yard is an affordable option for traveling since it is lightweight and sturdy.

Please Check The Price On Amazon

#5 Graco Travel Lite Crib with Stages Graco Travel Lite Crib

Weight: 19.1 lbs
Size: 23.2″ x 33.5″ x 32.2″
Prize: $

The Graco Travel Lite Crib is the most affordable option out of my top 5 choices.

It is lightweight with just under 20 lbs and features a removable height-adjustable bassinet for a newborn up to 15 lbs and the second stage for babies up to 20 pounds. You can remove the bassinet and use it for sleeping or as a play yard.

It also features a canopy with some soft toys, a quilted mattress and air mesh sides for good ventilation. The travel crib has wheels which make it easy to move around the room or the house. It is 20% smaller than other Graco play yards.

The Graco signature push-button makes it easy to fold it into a compact size.

Are there any Cons?

Some customers have found that it was difficult to get a sheet for the mattress that fits properly. Also, if your baby is quite big, it will outgrow the bassinet stages quickly.

Overall, the Graco Travel Lite Crib is an excellent travel companion with the removable bassinet, canopy and compact fold.

Please Check The Price On Amazon

How A Travel Crib Is Useful

Here are some of the reasons how a travel crib can help you travel with a baby (and Toddler) more relaxed:

  • Your child knows her surroundings and feels more comfortable away from home.
  • Have a safe and hygienic place for her to sleep.
  • Provide a comfortable and cozy environment for your little one.
  • Be independent of hotel rooms and travel cribs they may offer; peace of mind of having a clean travel crib you own.
  • Lightweight and compact for traveling.

Wrapping It Up

I do hope you find my post  My Top 5 Travel Cribs For Babies informative and helpful.

If you have any questions or feedback, please leave a comment below. What is your experience with travel cribs? What is your favorite and why? I’d love to hear from you.

If you are looking for a travel bed, please check out my post here.

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