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When you travel a lot, you quickly learn, how vital it is to have travel luggage that is sturdy and of high-quality especially when you travel internationally. Additional important factors are also the size and the weight of your luggage, either a suitcase or a backpack.

Our detailed guide of top choices for the best international travel luggage will not only review the best spinner travel luggage but also discuss the benefits of rolling luggage and some handy packing tips.

Depending on where your journey will take you, you can either choose a soft-sided, or hard-sided rolling suitcase for domestic or international travel. Some travelers prefer (we do at times) a carry-on backpack.

Read more about our top choices of carry-on backpacks here.

It can be challenging to decide between hard or soft-sided spinners. Hard-sided spinner luggage seems to have better protection for valuable belongings.

We have found that soft-sided luggage weighs less than hard-sided suitcases, seem to last longer, and is easier to pack.

Both types of luggage have their benefits. So we divided our post into two parts; the first part is dedicated to soft-sided rolling (spinner) luggage, and in the second part we are reviewing our top choices of the best hard-sided luggage.

Due to the rough handling at airports, the luggage has to be extremely sturdy and durable. In the long run, it is worth investing a bit more money in a good quality brand which might cost more but will last for a long time.

I’ve learned it the hard way since one of my suitcases, even though it was not a cheap type, didn’t even survive the first flight.

We have found significant differences in the quality of suitcases,  regarding the material, handles, and wheels.

For easy reference, please use the table of contents and also our handy comparison charts for a quick overview of essential features at a glance. Please note that none of our reviewed suitcases are suitable as carry-on luggage. There are all checked luggage.

If you are looking for carry-on luggage on wheels, please read our post here.

Let’s get straight into it and have a look at our favorite suitcases.

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Comparison Chart For Our Best Soft-Sided Spinner Luggage For International Travel

If you would like to check the price, please click on the link underneath the image.

My Top PicksBrandSizeWeightPriceRating (/10)Description
samsonite dk 3
Samsonite DK 3 Spinner
Samsonite25"15lbs$$9.5/10My #1 recommended suitcase. The Samsonite DK3 is a high-quality, durable, and a stylish yet practical suitcase.
victorinox avolve2 27"
Victorinox Avolve 2
Victorinox27"9.8lbs$$$9/10My runners up, the Victorinox Avolve is a spacious ultralighweight suitcase that comes with a TSA approved lock and a 10-year warranty. It is a bit pricier than the other suitcases
skyway mirage ultra light 28"
Skyway Luggage Superlight
Skyway Luggage28"11.8lbs$8.5/10The Skyway Luggage Mirage is an an excellent choice when looking for a bigger-sized lightweight suitcase with lots of packing space.
It Ultra light luggage 26"
It Luggage Megalite
IT Luggage26"6.8lbs$$8/10This IT Luggage is megalight and therefore gives you lots of packing space for your next holiday.
American Tourister Ilite Max 25"
American Tourister Ilite Max
American Tourister25"9.6"$8/10The American Tourister offers great value for money, is durable, easy to roll and offers 5 different colors.

 Reviews Best International Travel Luggage Soft-Sided Spinner Luggage

Samsonite DK3 Spinner 25″, Orange Zest – Review

Samsonite DK3 Spinner 25", Orange ZestThe Samsonite DK 3 Spinner is one of our top choices for soft-sided spinner luggage.

Because of its four multi-directional spinner wheels, the Samsonite DK3 rolls upright and is incredibly easy to maneuver.

It also means high mobility over hard and soft surfaces. The high-quality fabric (85% Polyester/15% Nylon) is resistant to abrasions, punctures or moisture. This suitcase is lightweight, durable and fashionable as well.

On the inside, you find two zippered pouches. There is even a removable insert for suits/shirts and an internal spill-proof pocket for toiletries.

Pros: Due to the bright color this stylish looking suitcase is easy to identify on the luggage carousel. It has lots of space and extra pockets on the outside. And it doesn’t topple when fully packed. I do like the removable inserts for suits and the pocket for toiletries. Very clever and practical.

Cons: We can’t see any cons with this suitcase. Maybe the bright color could become an issue in regards to seeing dirt on it. So you might have to clean it more often than a darker colored bag. Here is the good news: you can also choose from 5 more colors: Burnt Orange, Charcoal, Gray, Navy Blue and Space Blue.

Our Verdict: the Samsonite DK3 Spinner 25, Orange Zest is our number one choice because it is stylish yet practical, made with sturdy and durable material. We love the fact that it is easy to handle and doesn’t topple when fully packed. An extra plus is a removable pack for suits and the spill-proof pocket for toiletries. Well done Samsonite!

Please Check The Latest Price On Amazon

#2 Victorinox Avolve 2 27″, Expandable Spinner – Review

victorinox avolve 27 inch expandable spinnerThe Victorinox Avolve 2 is a stylish looking, spacious suitcase which is easy to maneuver with its four wheels.

It is an expandable and very sturdy bag. The comfort grip one touch handle locks into two different positions. The inside features compression straps and a full-length zippered mesh pocket for storing small items. This bag is easy to push and guide even though it is on the bigger side.

It is an expandable and very sturdy bag. The comfort grip one-touch handle locks into two different positions. The inside features compression straps and a full-length zippered mesh pocket for storing small items. This bag is easy to push and guide even though it is on the bigger side.

Pros: This suitcase has lots of storage space, but it also keeps the balance when fully packed. We love that it has a removable attach-a-bag strap so you can secure an additional bag to the front of the suitcase. Another big plus is a 10-year warranty for peace of mind.

The suitcase also features a Travel Sentry approved lock so TSA screeners can open the lock without breaking the lock.

Cons: The size might be an issue for some. You need to keep an eye on weight restrictions. Because of the storage capacity, you might be tempted to pack more. The price tag is a bit higher than the other reviewed suitcases.

Our Verdict: the Victorinox Luggage Avolve 2.0 27, Black is a spacious and stylish looking bag. The fabric and zippers are sturdy and durable. The 10-year warranty gives you a great peace of mind.  This checked spinner luggage is an excellent choice for your next vacation.

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 Skyway Mirage Superlight 28″ Expandable Upright, Maritime Blue – Review

skyway mirage 28 inch ultra lightweightThe Skyway Mirage suitcase is expandable, made from durable fabric with high reliability. The handle has got multiple locking stages which are great for taller people as well.

It features a full-length mesh pocket ideal for undergarments, belts, and other small items. It keeps them safe in one place. Built-in elastic shoe pockets help keep things organized. The zippers work great, and the four wheels glide smoothly.

Pros: The Skyway Mirage stays balanced when fully packed. It is exceptionally lightweight for its size. The bright color means you can spot it at the luggage carousel with ease.

Cons: The bright color shows dirt quickly but it also easy to clean. Just something to keep in mind. Otherwise, there are no other cons to add.

Our Verdict: The Skyway Mirage Superlight 28-Inch 4 Wheel Expandable Upright, Maritime Blue is an excellent choice when looking for a bigger-sized lightweight suitcase.

It is expandable and has lots of packing space. The fabric is sturdy, and the zippers work great. The inside mesh pockets help to get things organized.

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 IT Megalite Luggage Spinner Collection – Review
 IT Megalite Luggage Spinner Collection - Review

The most significant advantage of this suitcase is that it is ultra-lightweight. It is on average three to five-pound lighter than other bags.

That means you can pack more clothes and other gears without worrying about weight restrictions set by the airlines. The bag comes with two zippered pockets on the outside and four net pockets on the inside of the lid. The suitcase has got no inside pockets. So it might be a good idea to get packing cubes.

The It Luggage is sturdy and easy to maneuver.

Pros: The IT Mega Lite Luggage is a lightweight but also sturdy suitcase. It comes with a limited 10-year warranty. You can choose from five different colors.

Cons: The back of the suitcase has no padding, and the bag is not expandable. The zippers don’t seem to be very sturdy.

Our Verdict: The IT Mega lite Luggage Spinner Collection 26 Inch Upright is a highly lightweight suitcase. It is excellent if you love to pack lots of gears without worrying about weight restrictions set by airlines. You might have to invest in getting Shacke Pak – Packing Cubes to protect and organize your belongings.

Please Check The Latest Price On Amazon

 American Tourister Ilite Max Softside Spinner 25″ – Review

american tourister ilite softside spinner 25 inchThis suitcase has four, multi-directional spinner wheels, so it is effortless to maneuver.

The top and side carry handles are integrated into the case. The interior is fully lined with two inside pockets, one with mesh and one with plastic. There are two large front panel pockets for additional packing capacity. It is super lightweight and sturdy as well.

Pros: The American Tourister is lightweight and has got lots of storage space. It is easy to handle, the wheels working great and the fabric is sturdy. It also comes with a warranty.

Cons: There seems to be an issue with the zippers. They don’t appear to be sturdy in some cases.

Our Verdict: the American Tourister Ilite Xtreme Spinner 25″ is excellent value for money. It is super lightweight, sturdy and has lots of storage space. We love the fact that you can choose from 5 different colors.

Please Check The Price On Amazon

Comparison Chart For Hard-Sided Rolling Luggage

Here is our handy comparison chart where you can see essential features like size and weight at a glance. To check the price, please click on the image.

Our Top PicksBrandSizeWeightPriceRating (/10)Description

DelseyHelium Aero
Delsey Paris25"10.2 lbs$$9.6A high-quality spinner luggage; great for international travel.

Samsonite Winfield2 Fashion
Samsonite24"9.3 lbs$$9.5A stylish hard sided spinner luggage with two fully divided compartments inside.

Lily Bloom Luggage
Lily Bloom28"9.1 lbs$$9.5Stand out of the crowd with beautiful design patterns and enjoy a 2-year-warranty.

Samsonite Omni PC
Samsonite28"11 lbs$$9.5The Samsonite Omni PC comes with a 10-year-warranty.

Kenneth Cole Expandable Luggage
Kenneth Cole25"10 lbs$$9.4A sturdy and scratch resistant spinner luggage with a locking handle system.

Reviews For The Best International Travel Luggage – Hard-Sided Spinner Luggage

Delsey Helium Aero 25″ Expandable Spinner Trolley

delsey helium aero luggage spinnerThe Delsey Helium Aero expandable spinner is a high-quality hard-sided suitcase that is made from polycarbonate. This durable and resilient material prevents cracking of the outside shell.

This checked spinner can expand by 2 inches for more packing space. Being able to gain more space is so important especially after a long vacation when you want to bring home lots of souvenirs and other items.

It is easy to get organized with lots of different meshed pockets and zippers inside.

Pros: The eight wheels move in all directions and make it easy for your body to move this spinner suitcase on all sorts of terrain, even cobblestone. We also like the seven different color choices. It doesn’t topple over even when it is fully loaded.

For additional security, there is a TSA lock on the side.

Cons: A few customers found that the exterior scratches easily.

Our Verdict: The Delsey Helium Aero 25″ is a high-quality, durable, stylish looking expandable hard-sided suitcase which is one of the most popular luggage choices on Amazon. It is an excellent lightweight spinner for international travel.

Please Check The Price On Amazon

Samsonite Luggage Winfield 2 Fashion HS Spinner 24″

samsonite winfield 2 fashion spinner 24 inchThe Samsonite Winfield Fashion hard-sided spinner makes traveling in style easy. Choose from different colors and find your luggage at the baggage claim in a flash.

The Samsonite features a side-mounted TSA lock and offers a heavy-duty zipper closure.

The inside compartment has a full zip divider for getting your luggage organized. The exterior is made from 100% polycarbonate that makes this spinner lightweight with only 9.3 lbs.

Pros: The four wheels move in all directions that makes it so easy to maneuver this high-quality suitcase. The locking telescope handles will also suit taller people.

Cons: It seems to scuff and scratch easily. Some customers had issues with the zippers.

Our Verdict: The Samsonite Winfield Fashion is a robust and durable spinner suitcase that is easy to maneuver and has lots of storage space.

Please Check The Latest Price On Amazon

 Lily Bloom Hardside Luggage 28″ For Women 

lily bloom hard side luggage for womenThe Lily Bloom luggage collection for women has such a gorgeous and stylish design pattern that makes you stand out from the crowd. You can choose from six different design patterns in vibrant colors that will suit most tastes.

What we like most is that the signature fabric is produced from recycled plastic bottles. What a clever idea!

The lightweight construction, ergonomic handles, and spinner wheels making it easy to take this luggage on your next vacation.

Pros: The most significant advantage for us is the beautiful design but also the fact that the Lily Bloom spinner luggage is easy to maneuver.

Cons: The size of 28 inches might be too generous for some people, but you can choose a smaller size also.

Our Verdict: Traveling in style is made easy with the gorgeous Lily Bloom rolling luggage. It is a sturdy spinner suitcase that stands out with its vibrant colors.

Please Check The Latest Prices On Amazon

Samsonite Omni PC 28-Inch Spinner

Samsonite Omni PC 28 inche hard sided spinnerSamsonite is well-known for its quality products, and the Samsonite Omni PC is no exception. It even comes with a limited 10-year warranty.

You can even choose from fourteen different colors which is quite impressive. The 100% polycarbonate construction makes sure that the exterior is scratch resistant.

For easy handling, there are top and side handles, and a TSA lock ensures that your belongings are secured.

Pros: We do like the many color choices and that this spinner luggage is expandable. It smoothly glides over any terrain which makes pulling the trolley case so much more comfortable on your body.

Cons: There are not many storage dividers to get your belongings organized. Some customers felt that the Omni PC is not as high-quality as other Samsonite products.

Our Verdict: The Samsonite Omni PC is a reliable and sturdy hard-sided spinner luggage with an impressive 10-year-warranty.

Please Check The Latest Price On Amazon

 Kenneth Cole Reaction 8 Wheelin Expandable Luggage Spinner Suitcase Medium 25″

kenneth cole reaction expandable luggage 25 inchThe Kenneth Cole Expandable Spinner Suitcase is another example of a great hard-sided rolling luggage with four colors to choose from.

It features top and side carrying handles and expands to an impressive extra 30% more storage space.

Our favorite part is how easy it to get organized with lots of storage compartments. That includes an elastic shoe pocket, accessory, and zipper pockets.

Pros: A big plus is the handle locking push-button system and the extra corner protection. The exterior seems more scratch-resistant than other hard-sided suitcases according to various customer reviews.

Cons: Some customers had issues with the zipper.

Our Verdict: You can’t go wrong with the Kenneth Cole spinner luggage; it is durable, sturdy, and slides thanks to the eight-wheel system quickly.

Please Check The Latest Price On Amazon

What Size Is Best For International Travel Luggage

What size travel luggage you should choose depends on the lengths of your vacation. We have found that a medium-sized suitcase of 25″ fits our needs perfectly even for more extended vacations like overseas travel.

We have included 28″big suitcases in our reviews because everyone is different – some pack lighter and don’t need a lot of luggage. Other travelers need more luggage on their vacation.

In general, all our reviewed top picks of rolling luggage are available in smaller and larger sizes.

One thing to bear in mind is when you use a 28 ” (or bigger size) suitcase that it is very easy to overpack and go over the weight limitations set by the airlines.

Our best tip: We use a 25″ spinner luggage plus a carry-on bag (find the best carry-on luggage here) and make the most of the packing space. We only pack one-third of the checked luggage to have some room for souvenirs on the way back home.

 Benefits Of A Spinner Luggage

Spinner luggage sits on four wheels rather than two wheels and has many advantages to the two-wheel suitcases.

Easy To Maneuver

The four wheels (sometimes eight wheels) are designed to move in a 360-degree direction. That means you can change directions very easy without putting much strength into the movement of the trolley. The modern spin technology allows the wheels to glide effortlessly over any terrain, even cobblestone.

Balance And Stability

The spinner rolling luggage is less likely to topple over when fully packed. The suitcase can be moved in an upright position.

Easier On Your Body

Because the spinner suitcase glides smoothly, thanks to the four wheels, there is much less effort required to pull the luggage along. That means less strain on your arms and shoulders.

What Features Should The Best  International Travel Luggage Have

Here are some features we feel are necessary for a high-quality checked travel suitcase:

  • Telescoping handles with an easy push-locking system
  • Top and side handles
  • Sturdy, heavy-duty zippers
  • Quality wheels
  • Different compartments to get belongings organized
  • The suitcase should be expandable
  • A warranty would be a great addition to peace of mind
  • An integrated TSA lock if possible.

Some Handy Packing Tips

  • We like to use packing cubes to organize our luggage. We use one for dirty laundry, one extra cube if we stay overnight in a hotel on our way to our destination, one for underwear, tops, shorts and so on. It makes life so much easier.
  • As mentioned before, we only pack our one-third of the checked luggage to leave room for souvenirs, etc.
  • Roll your clothes, and you will be amazed at how much more you can fit into your suitcase.
  • Always pack some spare clothes in your carry-on luggage. You never know where your checked baggage goes to. It happened to us a few times.
  • It’s a great idea to use luggage straps belts to secure your suitcase just in case the zipper breaks. It also helps to spot your luggage at the baggage claim area.


When you choose your favorite spinner suitcase it comes down to your taste, your budget, how often you travel, the length of your vacation, and how much packing space you will need.

In general, we prefer a colored suitcase, so it is easy to spot in between other luggage bags. We like the Lili Bloom luggage for its fantastic design patterns and 2-year-warranty. The Victorinox soft-sided spinner suitcase is impressive because the company offers a 10-year warranty. For frequent travelers, this will be a must and worth spending the extra money on.

We do hope that our top picks of the best lightweight, soft-sided, and hard-sided spinner luggage will help you to make the best decision for your travel needs.

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