The Best Travel Beds For Kids And Toddlers In 2023[Review]

best travel beds for kids and toddlerstod
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A travel bed for kids and toddlers is a great essential to have when going on a vacation or maybe just for a sleepover at the grandparent’s house. The ideal travel bed for kids and toddlers should be lightweight, not too bulky and easy to carry.

There are plenty of options available on the market. When I did my research I realized quickly that there are a few different options of travel beds you as a parent can choose from:

  1. the air mattress or inflatable bed
  2. a foldable bed with foam inlay
  3. the foldable bed, a travel cot with a steel constructed frame.

Which of these options are best for you and your child depends on your needs and what kind of transport you are using.

If you are planning to take a travel bed on an airplane to use at the vacation, an inflatable travel bed for kids might be the best solution. Most of them are lightweight and should fit into your suitcase.

In fact, inflatable air mattresses seem to be the most popular choice for parents when it comes to choosing a travel bed for toddlers and preschoolers.

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At the end of this review, you’ll find a couple of options for foldable travel beds which are usually better suited for camping trips. Some people also dislike the idea of an air mattress because they can deflate due to punctures and the likes.

Price-wise, all our recommended travel beds are very similar in price and cost around $60 on average.

Without further ado, let’s have a look at our top choices of practical yet comfortable travel beds for kids and toddlers.

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The Best Travel Beds For Kids And Toddlers In 2023

Inflatable Travel Beds

hiccapop Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed with Safety Bumpers

hiccapop inflatable toddler travel bed

Weight: 8 lbs
62″  x 39″ x 12″
Age: 2 years (maybe even younger) up to 6 years; max. weight 310lbs

There is a lot to like about the hiccapop inflatable travel bed. Not only comes it with a lifetime warranty (!) but it is also BPA,  phthalate and lead free. This is great for parents who are looking for a safe and healthy option for their precious kids.

According to customer reviews on Amazon, hiccapop has shown great customer service and has responded quickly to any product quality related issues.

The maximum weight limit is around 300 pounds which is also much higher than similar travel beds.

Rest assured, your little darling will sleep safe and sound in this travel bed without rolling out thanks to the extra high safety bumpers.

Standard crib sheets and blankets will fit the comfortable mattress.

What Are The Pros?

The biggest pro is the lifetime warranty plus great customer service. The hiccapop travel bed inflates incredibly fast in 30 seconds and is BPA free.

It comes with a convenient storage bag, is lightweight, and safe for even under two-year-olds.

 Are They Any Cons?

If there are any product related quality issues, the lifetime warranty has got you covered.

Overall, the hiccapop air travel mattress for toddlers and kids is affordable, lightweight, and perfect to take on a vacation, camping or a sleepover. Highly recommended!

Please Check The Price On Amazon

The Shrunks Travel Bed

shrunks travel bed air mattress toddlers

Weight: 6.6 lbs
62″ x 39″ x 12″
Age: from  2 years and older, max weight: 150 lbs

Without a doubt, the Shrunks inflatable travel bed is one of the most sold portable travel beds for kids and toddlers on Amazon. It is lightweight, comes with a storage bag, and, very important, is BPA, lead, and phthalates free. Safe and healthy sleeping guaranteed.

Speaking of guarantee, there are mixed pieces of information on Amazon regarding the product guarantee available. So I am not too sure if a two-year or lifetime warranty applies.

It is a breeze to tuck in standard crib sheets for a comfortable sleep and the bumpers will prevent your toddler from rolling off the mattress.

The Pros

The Shrunks travel bed is a popular choice for parents who are looking for a safe and comfortable sleep option for their toddlers while on a vacation or a sleepover. The bed inflates quickly in around 30 seconds thanks to the powerful electric air pump.

The Cons

It is not clear how the long the warranty is; a lifetime warranty would be fantastic. The Shrunks travel bed costs a little bit more than similar inflatable travel beds for toddlers.

Overall, the Shrunks portable travel bed is perfect for little kids and will make them feel comfortable on your next vacation and camping trip.

Please Check The Price On Amazon

Active Era Air Mattress For Kids

active era travel bed for kids

Weight: 7.6 lbs
65″  x 38″ x 8.6″
Age: 2 years (maybe even younger) up to 6 years, depending on your child’s height and weight; max. Weight 130lbs

The Active Era Kids Air Mattress comes with a hand-held electric pump, a repair kit, and storage bag. I do like that the bed comes with a fitted mattress cover with a moon and star design that will appeal to both girls and boys.

The bed is easy to inflate in around 60 seconds and can be stored away in the carry bag provided.

The wrap-around bumpers will prevent your child from rolling off the bed. So it is great for Toddlers but also for older children.

Pros: Many customers said that this bed doesn’t make much noise like other air beds. It also holds the air for a long time; in some cases for up to seven days! The bumper sides are perfect for keeping the little munchkins in bed.

The Active Era air mattress is lightweight and should fit into your travel luggage.

Last but not least the fitted cover is super soft, comfortable and made from 100% cotton.

Cons: It takes around 60 seconds to inflate the bed which is a bit slower than other air beds of the same size. The bed might not be suitable for camping unless you have a powerpoint for the electric pump.

Overall, the Active Era Kids Air Bed is a great choice to take on a vacation or a sleepover at Grandma’s place. It ticks all the boxes.

Please Check The Price On Amazon

AeroBed Mattress for Kids

aerobed air mattress for kidsWeight: 10.4 lbs
Size: 50″ x 25″ x 10″
Age: suitable for four years and older; max. weight 150 pounds

The AeroBed Mattress for kids is one of the bestsellers on Amazon with over 1500 sold items

It comes with an electric pump, a carry bag and a thick washable fitted mattress cover with a moon and star design. The bed deflates in an incredible 15 seconds and is easy to pack away. The 4-inch high surround safety cushion keeps your child safe and sound on the bed.

Pros: The mattress is very sturdy and durable. It stays inflated for a few nights. The bed inflates in under a minute and deflates, as mentioned before, in 15 seconds. The surround cushion is great to prevent your kid from rolling off.

The mattress cover will be liked by boys and girls and will keep them comfortable while sleeping.

Cons: The bed might not be suitable for camping since it comes with an electric pump. Some customers mentioned loud noises when the child moves on the bed. That could potentially disturb their sleep.

The AeroBed air mattress is a little bit heavier than similar air mattresses.

Overall, the AeroBed for kids is an excellent choice when you look for a comfortable bed that you can inflate in less than a minute and is easy to store.

Please Check The Price On Amazon

Leachco BumpZZZ Travel Bed

leachco bumpzzz travel bed for kids

Weight: 6lbs
58″  x 39″ x 7″
Age: from 3 years and older

The Leachco BumpZZZ travel bed is the perfect solution for parents who rather prefer a foldable travel bed for their children and dislike the idea of an air pump or punctures that may occur with an inflatable bed.

The BumpZZZ features a foam pad in the center and cushioned support and side bumpers. The padding is removable which means the outer material is machine washable.

The zipper enclosure is easy to use and kids just love the comfortable padding. We do like that the bed is made in the  USA.

The Pros

There is no risk of any punctures because this bed is made from foam which means it is not inflatable but foldable. It comes with a travel bag in the size of a duffel bag. The material is washable and kids and toddlers alike will feel safe and secure in this travel bed.

The Cons

The BumpZZZ might be a bit bulky to take on an airplane but can be checked separately. It is more expansive than inflatable travel beds for kids. Customers also noticed that it is hard to put a sheet on to protect the material.

Overall, BumpZZZ is a great alternative for parents who do prefer foldable travel beds rather than inflatable air mattresses. No more carrying an air pump, just unpack and fold it out. Done!

Please Check The Price On Amazon

The Foldable Travel Bed

Foldable Beds are ideal for camping, as an extra bed at home or for holiday homes with no additional bedding. They are easy to fold and to store away.

They might be a bit big and bulky to take on an airplane. That would be something to inquire with the airline you are going to fly with.

Regalo My Cot Portable Toddler

regalo kids travel bed

Weight: 6.2lbs
Size: 48″ x 26″  x 7″ height
Age: suitable from 2 years up to 5 years; maximum weight 75 lbs and 52″ (132 cm) tall

The Regalo Portable Toddler Bed has been a Bestseller on Amazon for a long time.  It is easy and fast to set up.

The bed is made with a durable all-steel constructed frame with a canvas bed liner. This bed is lightweight with just 6.2 pounds. It comes with a washable matching cover and a carry case.

Pros: The newer models of this bed don’t have a middle strap. The canvas linen has got criss-cross straps. This way it is more comfortable for your child to sleep on. The bed folds together to the size of a folding chair. So I guess you could even take it on a flight as check-in luggage. There is also a limited warranty for 90 days for a piece of mind.

Cons: There is no locking mechanism to prevent the bed from collapsing.

Overall, the Regalo Portable toddler bed is great value for money. It ticks all the boxes for a lightweight and portable travel bed.

Please Check The Price On Amazon

Joovy Foocot Child Cot

joovo foocot travel bed foldableWeight: 6.5lbs
Size: 48″ x 25″  x 9.5″ height
Age: suitable from 2 years up to 5 years; maximum weight 75 lbs and 48″  tall

The Joovy Foocot travel bed is compact and easy to use. Just fold it open and lock it. Done! No air pump required, no risk of punctures. This travel bed features two storage pockets which will be handy for your toddler’s toys, a flashlight or other little items.

It comes in three colors: green, blue, and pink. The handy travel bag has shoulder straps that make for easy carrying. The Joovy Foocot features a sturdy steel frame with nylon fabric.

The fabric is not removable but can be cleaned by wiping it down with a cloth and soapy water.

Pros: The storage pockets are practical and we do like that the frame can be locked to prevent it from collapsing. The travel bed is easy to set up, lightweight, and easy to store in the carry bag.

Cons: The Joovy Foocot is a bit pricier than the Regalo Cot.

Overall, the travel bed by Joovy is a great option for camping or to take on vacation. It is a simple and functional solution for whenever you need a spare bed.

Please Check The Price On Amazon

The Benefits Of A Travel Bed At A Glance

Taking a travel bed on your next vacation has a lot of advantages for you and your child.

  1. Your child will feel more comfortable in a new place and a foreign environment.
  2. You are independent of beds provided by the hotel.
  3. The beds are lightweight and easy to carry.
  4. Your child can get used to his/her new bed before you go on vacation which will make it easier for them to settle. That means you are all getting a better night’s sleep. 🙂

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What kind of travel bed you will choose depends on your personal preference and your needs. I feel that the foldable bed is a better option for camping unless you have a powerpoint to use the electric pump for the inflatable beds.

The air beds seem to be more comfortable to sleep on and can be used for older children since they hold a bigger weight, up to 150 pounds. That would give you a few more years of use.

No matter what you choose, the quality of the beds in this review is great and provides fantastic value for your money.

Please let me know which travel bed you would prefer and why? I’d love to hear from you!

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Have Fun and Safe Travels!
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