My best travel luggage for girls review will show you some of the best travel bags that will make travel for your girl so much more fun yet our top choices of kids luggage are so practical, functional and durable.

There are many adorable colorful kid’s travel bags of all types available on the market. You can choose from suitcases with Disney designs like “Frozen” or “Minnie” and, of course, from Mermaids, Princesses, Owls and many other themes.

In my post, I am reviewing the best soft-shell kids suitcases, the best hard-sided travel luggage,  as well as the best kid’s carry-on backpacks which are suitable for girls aged 3 to 9 years old.

If you are on the search for boys luggage, please head over to read my other review.

The sizes of the bags vary between 14.5 and 18 inches. They are all suitable as carry-on luggage, maybe even as schoolbags, or for a sleepover at grandma’s place.

For easier reading, and for busy parents (as we all are), I have divided the post into three sections: the best soft-sided, the best hard-shell travel luggage,  and the best carry-on backpacks for girls.

The comparison charts for each section will give you a quick overview of important features like the size, weight, and the overall rating plus a price indication. Please see our page content for an overview.

Comparison Chart Best Soft-Sided Travel Luggage For Girls

My Top PicksBrandSizeWeightPriceOur Rating (/10)Description
yodo luggage owl
Yodo Rolling Suitcase
Yodo14.5 inch2lbs$9.5/10The Yodo Rolling Luggage is my top pick. It is playful and of high-quality. Three things in one: is luggage, handbag and backpack.
american tourister minnie
American Tourister Minnie
American Tourister18"4lbs$9/10Suitable for older girls 6 years plus, Colorful,sturdy and durable. Available in different Disney designs.
skip hop luggage
Skip Hop Little Kid
Skip Hop18"2.2lbs$9/10Available in different cute and colorful designs with adorable details

Stephen Joseph Rolling Luggage
Stephen Joseph18"2.6lbs$9/10It is available in 10 different designs. Has three outer zipped pockets.
olive kids luggage birdie
Olive Kids Rolling Luggage
Olive Kids16"2.2lbs$8.5/10It is available in 10 different sizes. Lighweight and easy to pull.
pink luggage
Mercury Going To Grandmas
Mercury Going To Grandmas15.5"3lbs$8.5/10A lovely and durable rolling suitcase with an attached wallet.

Do give you a price indication, these suitcases cost under $50.

The Best Travel Luggage For Girls – Reviews

Best Soft-Sided Travel Luggage For Girls

 Yodo Playful 3 -Way Kids Rolling Luggage Review

yodo rolling luggage size: 14.5 inch 
weight: 2lbs

The Yodo Playful 3-Way  Kids Rolling Luggage is an adorable piece of luggage that is usable as a handbag, backpack or rolling luggage.

The material is BPA free and very durable. The large main compartment is big enough to hold clothes for a few days.

You can open it up with durable Yodo metal double zips. There are two mesh bottle pockets on both sides. The large front pouch is great for holding snacks or accessories.

If you want to use it as a backpack, you can hide the wheels with an elastic cover. And in case, your little Traveller gets tired you will find a shoulder strap to carry it easily around.

Pros: This is a very colorful, sturdy, practical and yet adorable luggage It sure will delight your girl and will make your travels more joyful. Another plus is its lightweight. The zipper, as well as the handle, is easy to open and lock. I also like the multiple ways of use e.g. handbag, backpack or rolling luggage

Cons: I only can think of the size. With a size of 14.5″, it is a bit on the smaller side, so I guess this is more suitable for short trips like weekends or a few days away.

Overall, this gorgeous luggage from Yodo Playful 3-Way Kids Rolling Luggage ticks all the boxes.  It is cute, colorful and sturdy.

The fact, that you can use the luggage in 3 ways as the name suggests is marvelous. Who doesn’t like clever things?

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American Tourister Disney Minnie Review

American-Tourister-Softside-Upright-Disney/ size: 18inch 

The American Tourister Disney Minnie is a beautiful piece of luggage for your girl. With the different designs on offer e.g. Minnie and Mickey, Frozen and more, it is a delight for all Disney Fans.

The suitcase is easy to pull and to maneuver for the littlies. The edges of the bag are firm, and the zips are nice to use.

The material is sturdy, durable and the main storage is roomy and is fully lined as well. It comes with a large mesh pocket on the interior panel. The pocket in the front is perfect for storing books, coloring in pencils and other accessories.

Pros: The main compartment is very spacious and holds clothes and other things for at least one week of holidays. The designs are beautiful, colorful and ideal for every Disney fan. It’s lightweight, and size makes it easy to pull and to maneuver.

Cons: The extendable handle is a bit short for adults to pull.

Overall, the American Tourister Disney Minnie is perfect for any girl. It is colorful, sturdy and durable, just adorable. It is a perfect gift for all those Disney fans out there.

As I mentioned earlier, the American Tourister is available in different designs. Another big plus.

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 Skip Hop Zoo Little Kid Luggage, Owl, Review

skip hop little zoo rolling luggage size: 18inch 
weight: 2,2 lbs

This cute piece of children’s travel luggage looks more like an oversized backpack than a suitcase.

It has got a side patch for a drink bottle and a front pocket for a few accessories as well. The wheels are easy to roll forward or backward. The parent strap is great to sling the bag over the shoulder when your little munchkin gets tired from pulling.

You can tuck the parent strap away when not in use. The bag is well made for the prize. The details are cute, and the colors are vibrant. The zip opens the entire way around the main compartment which has plenty of room for at least one week of travel.

Pros: This colorful travel luggage for children is easy to pull even by a 3-years old. It is very light for the size, sturdy and durable. The details are just so cute, which your girl will love.

Cons: The handle only extends to one length, so it’s not adjustable when a parent needs to pull it along. The zipper can get stuck with the little details.

Overall, the Skip Hop Zoo Little Kid Luggage, Owl is ideal for week-long getaways or as a daypack for preschool. The main compartment is spacious, and the details are adorable.

I do like that you can open the main compartment the entire way. It makes packing a breeze even for little hands.

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 Stephen Joseph Classic Rolling Luggage

stephen joseph rolling luggagesize: 18inch
weight: 2.6lbs

The Stephen Joseph Classic Rolling Luggage is very generous in size and offers 10 different designs from ladybirds, mermaids, or unicorns.

The main compartment is fully lined and quite deep inside. The outside features a zippered front pocket which would be ideal to store some smaller travel toys or a sketch pad and crayons.

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There are two zippered side pockets as well for maybe some snacks or other small things your little one might need on an airplane or road trip.

The zips are gliding smoothly and open up the main compartment fully for easy packing. The material is sturdy, colorful and appeals to young girls with the cute design.

The handle is extendable and makes it easy for little people to pull.

Pros: The Stephen Joseph Rolling Luggage is spacious and would be big enough for a week-long trip (depending on your girl’s age). I do love the three additional zippered pockets that make it easy to store smaller items.

Cons: It would be nice to see cross straps inside the main compartment to hold the clothes in place. A shoulder strap would be a great addition too.

Overall, this adorable suitcase is lightweight, easy to pull and comes in adorable designs.

It is a great travel luggage for girls and also suitable as a daypack for school or preschool.

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Olive Kids Birdie Rolling Luggage Review

Wildkin-Backpack-Telescopic-Convenient-Organization size: 16inch 
weight: 2.2lbs

The Olive Kids Rolling Luggage has got a spacious main compartment, a front zip pocket, and a mesh water bottle pocket.

The fabric is sturdy and seems well made. When the kids get tired, parents can carry the bag by throwing the detachable strap over their shoulder. A loop at the back of the bag keeps the shoulder straps tucked away. You can unzip the main pocket the whole way which provides easy access.

Pros: This bag has got a lovely print, and you can choose from a variety of different designs. I like that the main pocket unzips the whole way and therefore, provides easy access to the main compartment.

Cons: It would be nice to have backpack style straps instead of one strap on the back. The bag is also more on the pricier side.

Overall, the  Olive Kids Birdie Rolling Luggage comes in different designs and will suit all kind of tastes. It is lightweight and easy to pull. It is a little bit pricier than the other suitcases

. It is perfect for travel or as a daypack for school.

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 Mercury  Going to Grandma’s Children’s Rolling Suitcase Review

Grandmas-Childrens-Rolling-Upright-Suitcasesize: 15.5inch
weight: 3lbs

The Going to Grandma’s Children’s Rolling Suitcase in Pink has a wide and spacious main compartment with plenty of space.

The exterior zipper pocket provides extra space for books and other accessories. The main compartment has got hard sides that help to keep the shape of the suitcase. The material is sturdy, and you can choose from vibrant colors. The wallet attached is very cute. The handles are extendable and lock easily.

Pros: This suitcase is very cute, sturdy and easy to pull. The hard sides are a big plus and allow for easy packing. I love the attached wallet.

Cons: The size of the bag is a bit small but big enough for a weekend getaway. A shoulder strap would be a nice feature. The bag is also on the pricier side.

Overall, the Going to Grandma’s Children’s Rolling Suitcase in Pink is lovely for short holidays or sleepovers at the grandparents or friends house. It is sturdy, colorful and the attached wallet is so cute.

The hard sides of the bag are great to keep the shape of the suitcase.

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Comparison Chart Best Hard-Sided Travel Luggage For Girls

My Top PicksBrandSizeWeightPriceOur Rating Description

Goplus Kds Carry On Luggage
Goplus16" suitcase, 12" backpackaround 2lbs$9.5/10This set features a four-wheeler spinner suitcase plus a matching backpack. Available in four adorable designs.

American Tourister Frozen
American Tourister18"4,5lbs$$9.4/10Very sturdy and well made. A great suitcase for your next trip to Disneyland. Comes with an impressive 10-year warranty.

Travel Buddies
Travel Buddies18" suitcase, 13" backpackaround 2.5lbs$$9.3/10This suitcase set is perfect for toddlers but older children alike. Lighweight and easy to pull.