Eight Entertaining Board (And Other) Games For Kids 5 And Up

board games for kids 5 and up
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Our family loves playing games. It is fun and keeps my kids away from the ever-present electronic devices. I cherish these special times and is a fantastic way to spend time with your children.

The tradition in our household is to give each of our kids (6, 10 and 11 years old) games for Christmas and Birthdays.

I have noticed over the years that we always go back to the “old-fashioned”, traditional games. Along the way, we have also discovered some newer games we thoroughly enjoy playing.

In this post, I want to share our favorite games and hope to inspire you to play more with your kids. By the way, these games are also suitable to put in your travel luggage and play on your next vacation.

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#1 Trouble Game by Hasbro

trouble game The Trouble Game has to be one of my favorite games. I have been playing it since I was a child (40 years ago) and still remember the frustration when I lost but also the joy of winning.

It is so easy to play; no complicated rules so even younger children can play it. The game is designed for four players and provides hours of fun and entertainment.

I think it not only teaches children how to count but also to play a bit tactical.

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#2 Guess Who Game

guess who board game The Guess Who game is an excellent game designed for two players.

Each player has to ask the opponent questions about the person they are looking for, e.g., has the person dark hair or does the person wear a scarf or earrings. The aim is to eliminate people on the board as quickly as possible. The person who guessed right first wins the game.

My kids just love playing this game. It helps to think strategically but also to use many descriptive words.

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#3 Connect Four

connect four game Connect Four is another fantastic and simple game for two players. The player who puts four discs in a row wins. It takes a bit of strategic thinking to play this game.

The game contains 21 red and 21 yellow discs. The player who puts four discs in a row first wins. It takes a bit of strategic thinking to play this game.

Our family loves it and never gets tired of playing it.

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#4 Hangman – Magnetic Game

hangman magnetic game Who doesn’t know this ever so popular two player game Hangman? It is such a cool game for kids to learn about letters and spelling in a fun and exciting way.

I especially love this edition because everything is magnetic so you can’t lose pieces. It is easy and practical to take in the car or on your next family vacation.

The game includes 78 magnetic pieces and a bonus game World Scramble.

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#5 Yahtzee

Yathzee board game Here is another classic: Yahtzee. Did you know, that Yahtzee was introduced to the United States in the 1950s and has become the most popular dice game in the last 50 years?

This edition replicates the original packaging from its debut in 1956. A bit of nostalgia here. The only thing you might like to replace is the metallic dice cup. (makes a lot of noise when shaking the dice:-)

The manufacturer recommends this game for children aged eight and up but I think it is also suitable for younger children, of course with the help of a grown up.

The Yahtzee game is a lot of fun.

So get out the five dice, the cup, score pad, and a pen and enjoy a perfect family game night.

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# 6 Pickomino – HeckMeck

heckmeck game Pickomino is also known as Heckmeck (the original German version), and I got it as a birthday present last year. Ever since my family loves playing this game. Even my six-year-old daughter plays it.

The rules are pretty straightforward: whoever gets the most worms off the grill wins.

The box contains 16 sturdy heavy-plastic tiles and eight wooden dice plus the instructions of course. That’s all you need to get the worms off the bbq and onto your pile. Ready – Set – Go!

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#7 Ligretto

ligretto card game Ligretto is a fast-paced card game and my younger son beats me all the time. It is a simple but highly entertaining game.

I do love playing card games because you can take them anywhere and the play rules are mostly easy to follow. One box of Ligretto will be sufficient for 4 players. If you would like to play with more people, you will need to get another game with a set of different colors.

The aim of the game is to get rid of your cards as fast as possible by putting them on individual piles sorted by colors and numbers from 1 to 10. If you got no more cards left you must call “Ligretto”.

The more player the more hectic it gets but it is so much fun, that’s for sure!

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# 8 Uno

uno card game in a tin What, you don’t know the Uno card game? Well, it might be time to get this game for you and your family. Uno can be played by up to ten players.

The box contains 108 cards in four colors including special action cards that make the game exciting and a game changer. Basically, each player takes turns to match the card on the pile according to the color or the number. If you have no more cards in your hand, you need to call”Uno Uno” and you win.

The game is recommended for children from 7 years and up. In my opinion, it is also suitable for younger children as long as they know numbers and colors. My daughter has been playing this game since she was five. (she is a bit older now) With a little bit of support, younger kids can easily play Uno and have lots of fun.

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Summing It All Up

I highly recommend each of these games because of

  • they are lots of fun too play
  • provide hours of laughs and entertainment
  • are suitable for your next road trip or vacation
  • create lasting memories for your family
  • help children to learn rules and put strategies into place
  • are affordable (price range from $6 to $15).

These eight games are perfect as a Christmas or Birthday gift, not only for children!

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I would love to hear about your favorite family game. Please leave a comment below.


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8 thoughts on “Eight Entertaining Board (And Other) Games For Kids 5 And Up”

  1. Hi Anka, your page brings back many memories especially with Yahtzee. You are right that it has been around for many years and I still love playing it. I like the idea of steering the kids away from the digital even though I think digital is good for eye to hand coordination it is also good to keep the traditions of board games alive. thanks for the walk down memory lane and best of luck to you.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Wanda. Isn’tit great to remember those times back in days? That’s how I feel when I play certain games and I hope that my children will remember it as well when they are adults.

      I was actually quite surprised to learn that Yahtzee had been around for such a long time. That is the beauty when doing my research. There is always something new to learn. 😉

      All the best from Anke

  2. These games really bring back memories for me. I am not one of those people who think all of our devices are dumbing us down and we are addicted to them…OK yes, I do think those things are problems, but still I embrace technology. That said, I think we also need to make a point of getting out of our digital worlds sometimes. These old school games are perfect for spending time with my kids and nieces & nephews. I suggest you add Battleship to the roster.

    1. Hi there Joe,

      thanks for your comment. I like your suggestion about Battleship. I would love to hear more suggestions from other readers and will add them gradually over time. I guess, the list will go on and on. As you said, it is good to get out of the digital world sometimes and embrace the (not always) old-school games. Even I have to remind myself now and again to put the computer away and to spend some family time with my kids.

      I hope these ideas will inspire other parents to do the same.

      Cheers Anke

  3. Hi Anka,

    Thanks for this post. I still remember playing Yahtzee when younger and spending hours and hours on it – I loved it.

    My kids are currently completely hooked on Settlers of Catan which I believe originated in Germany. They love it and the best present I can get for them at the moment is extensions for that game.

    Have you tried it?

    1. Hi Brian, yes, I have heard about the Settlers of Catan. It is a very popular game which has received numerous accolades. But I must admit I haven’t tried it yet. I will wait till my daughter gets older so she can join in when we are playing. For now, we stick to the games I have mentioned in my review because the whole family, no matter what age, can play.

      Thank you so much for your tip. By the way, are you still playing Yahtzee?

      Happy playing!


  4. It’s hard to pick just one favorite in our family. We love Payday, Life and Clue. But those are for kids that are a little bit older. My son is 3 and is starting to take interest in board games and he really likes Chutes and Ladders (although he doesn’t really want to play, he just wants to pretend his playing piece is climbing up the ladders or sliding down the chutes). 🙂

    1. Hi Teresa, thanks for stopping by. I have found that kids at three years like puzzles or memory games a lot. It is fun and easy to play. That might be something he would be interested in? Quite often boys are more into cars or train tracks than playing games especially when they are toddlers. It changes when they get to 5 or 6 years.

      One thing nearly every child loves is balloons. Hours of fun and entertainment.

      Best, Anke

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