The Best Headphones For Kids And Toddlers 2018 (Our Top 10 Picks)

Best headphones for kids and toddlers

Welcome to our review of the best headphones for kids and toddlers in 2018.

Long trips with kids can be quite hard work especially when you hear “Are we there yet?’ for the hundreds time. Keeping your toddler and kids entertained with a tablet or iPad (besides other activities) will keep them happy for a long time.

But using these devices without a quality kid’s headphones is not possible on a train, car, or bus trip, let alone on a noisy plane.

To save you time and to find the best solution for your child, we have reviewed what we consider the best headphones for kids and toddlers available in 2018.

In our detailed guide to the best headphones for kids and toddlers, we will show you not only what to look out for in headphones for children but also discuss ten headphones in more detail.

Important Disclaimer: The information in this post is based on my research and my experience of traveling with my children. I am not an expert on the subject and safety of wired and wireless headphones for kids and toddlers. I do my best to ensure the information I provide is accurate and up-to-date.

Children’s ears are very sensitive, and we need to be careful not to damage them by exposing little ears to too much noise. Kids are spending a lot of time on tablets and smartphones nowadays. And when you are traveling it is quite frankly a lifesaver to keep them entertained.

On airplanes,  headphones and earphones are provided, but these are not always the best solution for our precious darlings.

By the way, earphones are not recommended for littlies because they sit directly in the ear. They could be pushed accidentally into the ear ways and cause damage.

Another reason is the higher volume level which you as a parent can’t control and could potentially damage your child’s ears.

The hearing is precious and needs to be protected from a very young age.

That’s why we have researched over-ear headphones that cover the ear rather than sitting directly in the ear way. They are volume limited and are designed to sit comfortably on your kids head without falling off.

Are these headphones safe for your children?

From our point of you, over-the-ear headphones that offer volume control are generally safe to use.

The recommended safe sound volume (by the WHO) is 85db. But sometimes the volume limitation of 85db in some (mostly cheaper) headphones can make it difficult for children to hear through the headphones on airplanes where the noise level is very high. Therefore we have included headphones that have an upper volume limit of 93db. Please be cautious and use headphones with a higher volume level than the recommended 85dB for less than an hour.

Our top recommended best headphone for kids and toddlers, the Puro Sounds Labs JuniorJams is a Bluetooth headphone suitable for toddlers and kids alike. It offers a volume limitation of 85db and also reduces the noise level by around 87%. That is excellent, especially on noisy airplanes.

The high quality of the Puro Sounds Labs wireless headphones is reflected in a higher price tag compared to other kids and toddler headphones.

It is important to note that even though our recommended headphones offer sound limiting volume, the time a child/toddler spends listening to sounds via volume limited headphones should be reduced to a time limit of no more than two hours of usage.

We have divided our post into two sections, one for wireless Bluetooth kids and toddler headphones and the second one for wired kids/toddlers headphones. Please see the table of contents for quick reference.

Best Wireless Headphones For Kids And Toddlers 2018 – Reviews

Comparison Chart For The Best Headphones For Kids And Toddlers – Wireless

The comparison chart shows our recommended wireless Bluetooth headphones for kids and toddlers at a glance with essential features and suitable age group.

Our Top ChoicesFeaturesBattery LifeSuitable Age GroupPriceOur Rating

Puro Sounds Lab Junior Jams
wired +wireless; DaisyChain sharing; volume limited 85 dB; 1-year warranty22 hours2 - 13 years$$4.9

Onanoff BuddyPhones Play
wired + wireless; BuddyShare; volume limited 75dB, 85dB, and 94 dB; 2-year warranty14 hours3 years and older$$4.8

Puro Sounds Kids Headphones
wired + wireless; volume limited 85 dB; removable volume limiting cable; hard travel case; 1-year warranty18 hours3 - 13 years$$4.7

LilGadgets Untangled Kids Headphones
wired + wireless; SharePort; volume limited 93 dB; 1-year warranty12 hours4 years and older$$4.6

Puro Sound Labs JuniorJams

Puro Sound Labs JuniorJamsWeight: 5.29 ounces
Colors: blue, purple, pink, green
Suitable for children: 2 – 13 years
Price: $$

Puro Sounds recently released their new product which is called Puro Sound Labs JuniorJams. They offer the same high-quality features as the Puro Sound BT 2200 (review further down) with some great extra features.

The ear cushions have a leather cover for more comfort. The quality of the material and sound quality shows in a slightly higher price tag than our other recommended best wireless headphones.

The Puro Sounds Labs JuniorJams Headphones eliminate 87% ambient noise in noisy environments like air travel or car rides for better user experience.

That means that children still can enjoy listening to music and audiobooks at the recommended safe level of 85dB even in a noisy airplane.

The Bluetooth audio range goes up to 30 feet and once the battery is fully charged, the battery lasts for up to 22 hours.

For easy traveling, they are foldable, and thanks to the aluminum build it is durable, lightweight, and comfortable to wear.

We do like the fact, that the battery life is a very long with around 22 hours and we love the daisy chain sharing feature. That means two children (with two Puro Sound Labs Junior Jams headphones, of course) can listen to the same device at the same time. Perfect!

These headphones come in four colors, blue, green, pink and purple. These headphones are suitable for children from two years up.

The Puro Sound Labs Junior James headphones come with a one-year replacement warranty.

Please View The Price On Amazon

Onanoff Wireless Bluetooth Headphones for Kids – BuddyPhones Play

Onanoff Wireless Bluetooth Headphones for KidsWeight: 2.88 ounces
Colors: green, yellow, pink, and blue
Suitable for children:3 years plus
Price: $$

The Onanoff wireless kid’s headphones are lightweight with only 2.88 ounces and along with hypo-allergenic ear pads make them very comfortable to wear on little ears.

A 3.5 mm buddy cable allows up to four children to listen to the same device.

You can also set the headphones to three different volume levels – 75dB (Toddler Mode), 85dB (Kids Mode), and 94 dB for travel on a noisy airplane for example.

Each headphone features an integrated microphone for two-way calling.

The battery life is reasonably long with 14 hours when fully charged. The Onanoff headphones are foldable and come with a soft carry bag which makes them ideal for your next car trip or flight on the airplane.

We do like the stickers that come with these headphones that makes them even more fun to wear.

The Onanoff BuddyPhones Play also comes with a micro USB charger and a 2.5ft cable for wired listening.

The 2-year warranty is outstanding and speaks for the quality of this device.

Please Check The Price On Amazon

Puro Sounds Labs Kids Headphones BT 2200

puro sound labs kids headphonesWeight: 5.29 ounces
Colors: black, white, blue, purple
Suitable for children: 3 – 13 years
Price: $$

The Puro Sound Labs headphones for kids BT2200  are not only wireless but also offer great sound quality and durability.

The volume is limited to 85dB with the removable volume-limiting cable. That gives you the option to choose to use it wirelessly or with the cord; whatever is best suitable for any given situation.

These headphones feature an aluminum construction which makes these high-quality headphones lightweight and improves the durability.

The ear cushions have a leather cover for more comfort. The quality of the material and sound quality shows in a higher price tag than our other recommended headphones.

The Puro Sounds Kids Headphones eliminate 82% ambient noise in noisy environments like air travel or car rides for better user experience.

Here are some technical details: The Bluetooth audio range goes up to 30 feet. The battery lasts for up to 18 hours, and standby is 200 hours. To charge the battery, you’ll only need a USB micro charger and a plug.

As mentioned before, the Puro Sounds Lab kid’s headphones BT 2200 also come with a cord so you can choose between wireless or wired. You’ll also get a hard travel case with each purchase.

The only con we see is the higher price tag compared to other wireless headphones. We also have noticed a few customer complaints about the customer service. It seems there is room for improvement on the companies part.

Overall, this is a great headphone for toddlers and bigger kids alike for safe listening, durability, and comfort. Plus, no more issues with tangled cords. 🙂

The Puro Sound Labs BT2200 headphones come with a full one-year warranty.

They also have been featured as the ‘safest kids headphones’ by the New York Times, Good Morning America and USA Today.

Please View The Price On Amazon

LilGadgets Untangled Pro Premium Kid’s Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

LilGadgets Untangled Pro Premium Kid's Wireless Bluetooth HeadphonesWeight: 5 ounces
Colors: black, white, pink, purple, green, blue
Suitable for children: 4 years plus
Price: $$

The LilGadgets Untangled Premium Kid’s headphones are another great example at a reasonable price for a wireless headphone.

It comes with a SharePort feature so there is no need to get a splitter and kids can still listen to the same device.

We do love the color choices and the durable material like high-quality polycarbonate and stainless steel.

The earpads have a soft fabric cover that makes them very comfortable to wear with little ears.

The maximum volume level is 93dB, and the battery life is around 12 hours. Please note that the maximum volume level is higher than the recommended 85dB. Therefore be cautious and limit the use of the Lilgagdets headphones to less than an hour.

For wired use, these Lilgadgets headphones come with a 48″ audio cable with an inline microphone.

The microfiber carrying pouch is excellent for storage and traveling. The only con we can see is that the headphone is not foldable.

Otherwise, the LilGadget Kid’s headphones with SharePort are reasonably priced and come with a 1-year warranty. They offer good sound quality and seem durable.

Please Check The Price On Amazon

Best Wired Headphones For Kids And Toddlers 2018 – Reviews

Comparison Chart Best Headphones For Kids And Toddlers – Wired

The table shows our recommended best wired headphones for kids and toddlers at a glance with essential features and suitable age group.

Please note, that kids need to be supervised when they are wearing headphones with cords.

Our Top ChoicesFeaturesSuitable Age GroupPriceOur Rating

Onanoff Kids Headphones
3-step-volume limiting up to 94 dB; foldable; limited lifetime warranty2 - 8 years$$4.7

Mpow Kids Headphones
Volume limiting to 85 dB; sharing interface; 18-months warranty2-10 years$4.5

Mee Audio Kidjamz
Volume limiting to 85 dB; switch to disable volume limiter; one-year warranty4 - 12 years$4.5

Kidz GearWired Headphones
Volume limited to 80dB; volume reduction cable is removable; limited lifetime warranty2 - 8 years $4.5

Kids Headphones By Ailihen
Volume limited to 85 dB; foldable; 2 audio cables; one-year warranty3 - 12 years$4.5

LIL Gadgets
Volume limiting to 93 dB max; SharePort to connect another headphone; one-year warranty2 - 8 years$4.4

CozyPhones Kids Headphones
Volume limited to 90dB; headband is washable1 - 6 years$4.3

Kids Headphones by Onanoff – Inflight Model  

kids headphones by onanoffWeight: 11 ounces
Colors: Blue, Pink, Purple, Green
Suitable for children: 2 – 8 years old
Price: $$

The kid’s headphones by Onanoff are a favorite with many parents for good reasons. It has three volume levels starting at 75dB for infants, 85 dB for children and 94 dB which may be useful when traveling by plane. The parents can change the volume limit through a childproof switch.

The headphones are perfect for travel: they are foldable, have a soft, durable travel case, and a two-prong airplane adapter is included.

The cord is tangle free and 3 foot long. The headphones come with a  3.5 mm gold plated audio jacks that work with iPads, tablets, iPhones, smartphones, etc.

There is also an inline microphone with answering button, and to top things off, an integrated buddy cable splitter allows up to four headphones (and kids of course :-)) to share the same device. That is one of my favorite features by the way.

These colorful headphones are made of soft and comfortable hypoallergenic padding so your child can wear them safely for more extended periods of time.

The stickers are super cool to give these headphones a personal touch.

A limited lifetime warranty applies which speaks for the quality of these headphones. It shows that the company stands behind its products.

Please View The Price On Amazon

Mpow Kids Headphones

mpow kids headphones Weight: 5.6 ounces
Colors: Pink, Blue
Suitable For Children: 2 – 10 years old
Price: $

The Mpow Kids headphones are a budget-friendly choice for parents who are looking for durable headphones for their littlies that also offer safe listening at the recommended level of 85 dB.

These kids headphones are comfortable to wear thanks to the soft ear cushions. The headband is adjustable and will grow with your child throughout the years.

Your kids will love the cute Panda design. The headphones are tear resistant and can be bent and twisted.

The right side of the headphone has a sharing interface to connect another headphone without needing a splitter.

The tangle-free cord is 1.2m long so should be long enough to use on a plane or car ride.

Mpow offers a 45-day-money-back and an 18-months worry-free guarantee which gives you as consumer peace of mind. It is also a sign that the company stands behind their product.

Please check the price on Amazon

MEE Audio KidJamz KJ25 Safe Listening Headphones for Kids 

mee kj25 headphones for kidsWeight: 3.8 ounces
Colors: Black, Blue, Pink
Suitable for children: 4 – 12 years old
Price: $

The MEE safe listening headphones are designed to protect your child’s hearing while watching movies, listening to music, audiobooks, and playing games.

The volume is limited to the recommended level of 85 dB. The volume limiter can be disabled when the environment is too noisy, e.g., on the airplane which could be quite useful.

The headband is adjustable and ultra flexible. It can be bent and twisted in any direction without breaking.

These colorful and durable headphones are made with safe, hypoallergenic materials which mean  BPA free plastic. The vinyl earpad cushions are perfect for a comfortable fit.

The headphones work well with all devices like iPhone, iPad, tablets, smartphones, etc.

Mee prides themselves to provide crisp and clear high-quality stereo sounds in kid headphones.

A one-year warranty applies which is great news for parents who might be still unsure which headphones are best for their kids.

Please View The Price On Amazon

Kidz Gear Wired Headphones

kidz gear headphonesWeight: 6.4 ounces
Colors: pink, orange, blue, green, purple, gray, white
Suitable for children: 2 – 8 years
Price: $

The Kidz Gear headphones are very popular with parents that look for products that offer great value for money.

These headphones are designed for little kids from two years of age. With around 6 ounces they are lightweight and therefore comfortable to wear.

The volume can be limited to 80dB with the free independent volume limiting cable which I highly recommend using. Otherwise, the volume will be too high for little ears.

The color choices with 7 (!) different bright colors to choose from, will appeal to even the fussiest kid.

These headphones also offer good sound quality plus a limited lifetime warranty. It speaks for the quality and durability of this gadget.

Please note that a few reviewers have found that these headphones are a bit on a smaller side especially the size of the earmuffs. So they might be not suitable for kids older than 5 or 6 years old.

Please View The Price On Amazon

Kids Headphones HD 30 By Ailihen

kids headphones by AilihenWeight: 11.2 ounces
Color: blue, purple, yellow/blue, yellow/green, pink
Suitable for children: 3 – 12 years
Price: $

Here is another great option for affordable, stylish yet good quality headphones. It is also suitable as a headset since one of the provided cables have an inbuilt microphone.

The color choices are sufficient especially with the option of having two colors combined.

These headphones are designed to fit toddlers from three years of age up until 12 years old. The headphones are foldable which makes them great travel companions.

We do love the 45-day money back guarantee plus a one-year warranty.

So if you are looking for great value for money, quality, and sturdiness, then the kid’s headphones by Ailihen might be the best solution.

Please View The Price On Amazon

LilGadgets Volume Limited Wired Headphones with SharePort for Children 

lil gagdgets headphones with shareportWeight: 8.5 ounces
Colors: Pink, Green, Blue, Purple, Black
Suitable for children: 2 – 8 years old
Price: $

Another favorite by parents due to the excellent quality and value for money product.

The LilGadgets headphones are perfect for traveling because they are compact and foldable. It also includes a microfiber travel pouch.

The volume is limited to 93 dB. Because the volume level is above the recommended 85dB, please be cautious and only allow the use of the LilGadgets headphones for less than an hour.

The 52″ nylon covered audio cable is detachable and tangle-free.

LilGadgets proudly features an integrated SharePort that connects the headphones to each other. No need for splitters.

The company offers a one-year warranty plus a 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

We have found a few reviews that rave about the awesome customer service. That gives great peace of mind if you experience any issues.

Please View The Price On Amazon

CozyPhones Kids Headphones

Cozy phones kids headphonesWeight: 1.4 ounces
Color: 11 different styles
Suitable for children: 2 – 6 years
Price: $

The CozyPhones kids headphones are one of a kind; there are different to the usual over-ear headphones which can be bulky for some children.

These cute and unique headphones have ultra-thin speakers that slot into the fleece headband which, by the way, comes in eleven super cute designs.

For safer listening, the Cozy headphones are volume limited up to 90dB. Because the volume limitation is higher than the recommended 85dB, please be cautious and limit the use of the cozy headphones to one hour or less.

Another advantage is that these headphones are lightweight with only 1.4 ounces.

The soft fleece headband is very stretchy and washable as well. The speakers provide clear sound quality. They are also moveable to find the right fit for your toddler and child.

These headphones are ideal for flights or road trips because they are not bulky and therefore more comfortable to wear. They can also be used as a sleep mask for example.

Some parents are worried that their child might get too hot, but most reviewers hadn’t had any issues.

So if you are looking for an alternative to the bulky, heavier headphones, then the CozyPhones kids headphones are a great choice.

Please View The Price On Amazon

What Should You Look Out For In The Best Headphones For Kids And Toddlers

First and foremost, besides lockable volume, the headphones need to be durable, sturdy and just simply withstand pulling and tugging little hands. You certainly don’t want to buy new headphones for your children every month.

We also prefer if the headphones are made with safe materials and also come in lovely bright color choices. After all, they are made for children.

The cord should be tangle free, and the sound should be crisp and clear. A bonus would be foldable headphones, especially for travel.

They also should work on all devices from tablets and smartphones as well as iPad and iPhones.

Must-Have Features For Safe Headphones For Kids And Toddlers

  1. Limited volume level
  2. Durable and very sturdy
  3. Foldable
  4. Tangle-free cord (if you are choosing a wired headphone)
  5. Great Sound
  6. Bright color choices
  7. Adjustable headband and comfortable fit for little heads

One of the most important features is that the volume is limited to a certain level. The volume of kids headphones is around 20dB lower than in adult headphones, between 75db and 93db.

It allows children to listen to music, audiobooks and playing games at a noise level that is not damaging to their hearing.

For more information regarding safe sound levels for children, please read more here. It is essential to supervise kids while they are using headphones to make sure the noise level stays low and also to limit the time they are using the headphones.

Another factor to look at is the fact how sturdy the headphones are. Headphones should be durable enough to get dropped, pulled, played with, etc. That is when a great product really shines.

Lastly, the headband needs to be adjustable to fit smaller but also bigger heads. The earmuffs should be big enough to cover the ears entirely and should be comfortable to wear for a few hours.

Wrapping It Up

Only the best is good enough for our children, especially when it comes to protecting their hearing. So please invest in a good headphone with limiting volume level.

We do hope that our guide to the best headphones for kids and toddlers has shown you what to look out for in a quality headphone and has given you some great options.

There are literally hundreds on the market but only a few good ones.

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  • Can you tell me why the age recommendation starts at 2 for the first Puro Sound Lab headphones but 3 for the Jr. Version? Looking for something for my almost 2 year old for a 6 hour flight but definitely would prefer the price of the junior variety if there is little difference. Thanks!

  • Please review this article with reference to your recommendations based on the decibel values of the headphones. The decibel scale is not linear so a few dB increase is a comparatively larger increase in sound pressure.
    As a rough guide, an increase of 6dB is equivalent to doubling the sound pressure level.

    “That’s why we have researched over-ear headphones that cover the ear rather than sitting directly in the ear way. Our favorite ones have one crucial feature in common: the volume is limited up to 93 dB maximum.”
    Based on your own suggestion of 85dB maximum from the WHO, 93dB is far too loud.

    “And nothing is worse than not being able to hear the sound.”
    Perhaps one might consider tinnitus or other permanent hearing damage is worse than not being able to hear the sound?

    • Hi Stephen, thank you so much for your comment. I have revisited my post and made a few adjustments.

      The volume limitation of 85db in some (mostly cheaper) headphones can make it difficult for children to hear through the headphones on airplanes where the noise level is very high. That is the main reason for including headphones that have an upper volume limit of 93db.

      Thanks again for your feedback!

      Best regards, Anke

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