Our Ultimate List Of The Best Travel Toys for Toddlers

Best travel toys for toddlers
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Welcome to our post ‘Best Travel Toys For Toddlers’ where I share some of the top toys for toddlers that will keep your littlies happy on long road trips or on an airplane.

Let’s face it, it can be challenging at times to keep our little munchkins entertained without always using an iPad or tablet, especially in confined spaces like a plane where we want them to be well-behaved.

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Don’t worry, our ultimate list of tried and tested best travel toys for toddlers will help you to keep your kids busy, happy, and engaged on a road trip, a train or a (long-haul)flight.

One of the most important questions is probably, how one can avoid these tantrums by overtired and excited little people we all know too well.

I am sure that our top choices for travel toys for toddlers will help to keep challenging times with your toddler on your journey at a minimum.

Besides my top recommendations for the best travel toys for toddlers, I have listed a few free fun activities for children in my recent post.

Top travel toys for toddlers should meet certain criteria that are essential for high-quality toys for toddlers and preschoolers.

A great travel toy must be

  •  reasonably small to fit into the luggage
  •  lightweight
  • entertain your toddler for a lengthy time
  • easy to clean
  • sturdy and durable
  • made from high-quality materials

Here are my best travel toys for toddlers, tested either by my kids on various journeys or tested by friends and family. Avoid these dreaded meltdowns while you are on your way to your vacation, whether you are traveling by car, train, or airplane.

Best of all, most of our travel toys are reasonably priced and will keep your little munchkin happy for a long time.

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Best Travel Toys For Toddlers (And Preschoolers)

Magnetic Fun – Cars Planes and Trains

Magnetic Fun - Cars Planes and TrainsMagnetic toys are fantastic for traveling and we especially love this magnetic game because of its travel-related cars, train, and planes theme. It is suitable for children from three years and older and promises lots of fun for your little one.

This game features 55 magnets in total and comes in a collectible carry case. That means you can store the magnets away easily and helps to keep everything in one place.

The scenes are printed on the inside of the tin.

Let your child’s imagination go wild with this handy magnetic game, perfect for your next car trip or airplane ride.

Get The Magnetic Game On Amazon


My kids and I love books. In my opinion, you always should have a couple of books in your luggage or in your car.

For toddlers, I always recommend board or hardcover books because there are sturdy and easy to hold. Your toddler can easily turn the pages and by looking at the pictures he can ‘read’ his own story.

My all-time favorite classics are “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”  by Eric Carle, “The Little Critter” by Mercy Meyer and “Guess how much I love you” by Sam McBratney.
Book the very hungry caterpillar book Just a little critterbook Guess how much I love you

Get These Childrens Books On Amazon

 The Colorful Buckle Toy And Backpack

buckle toy buddy backpack This bright and cute colorful buckle toy ‘Buddy Backpack’ will keep your little ones entertained on any road trip, plane ride, or even the doctor’s waiting room.

Most toddlers love to unbuckle clips especially when they are sitting in the stroller or high chair. Why not give them this adorable buckle toy where there can try these things and still stay safe?

The material is soft to the touch and best of all, the backpack can fit some small toys, a blanket, or some snacks.

The Buddy Backpack features twelve child-friendly buckles in different styles. If it doesn’t fit into the luggage you can clip it on to the car seat, high chair, or stroller. But I am sure your darling will love carrying this awesome activity toy on their backs.

The bright colors appeal to boys and girls alike.

It is a great toy to help with developing their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Get The Buddy Backpack On Amazon

Magic Doodle

Magic Doodle
Who doesn’t love a Magic Doodle? Hours of fun with no mess to clean up. This one here is available on Amazon and comes in the perfect travel size.

I love toys that enhance my kids’ creativity and imagination. The Magic Doodle is perfect for it. The big screen is ideal for little hands too.

Lots of fun guaranteed.

Get The Magic Doodle On Amazon

 Sketchbook plus Crayons

Sketchbook  and Jumbo Crayons

A sketchbook and Crayons are excellent to have not just at home but also when you go on your next vacation,

The jumbo crayons are comfortable to hold by your toddler; they are hard to break and are very sturdy. The sketchbook is awesome because the paper is fairly thick and therefore hard to rip.

It is a fantastic way to document your kids’ artwork from an early age.  And, because it is a book, everything stays nice and tidy in one place.

Get The Sketchbook And Crayons On Amazon

 Lego Duplo

lego duplo farm building Another all-time classic in my family, loved by my boys and my daughter alike.

I can’t imagine going on a trip without taking some Lego Duplo bricks. They are easy to pack, don’t weigh much and are simple to clean.

If you don’t already have LegoDuplo at home, I highly recommend you to get some. It is durable, nearly unbreakable and ‘grows’ with your kids.

Duplo is ideal for toddlers; it helps to develop their fine-motor skills, recognizing colors and counting.

Get The Lego Duplo Set On Amazon

Plastic Animals

plastic animals There is a huge variety of plastic animals on the market. You can choose from Jungle Animals, Farm Animals, Dinosaurs or Sealife Creatures, just to name a few.

This set of jungle animals measures 8inches and includes even a couple of trees and grass.

Which theme is best for you depends on what your toddler is interested in. Pack a couple of animals into your kids travel luggage and you and your toddler will be happy.

Yet again, it will not just keep them busy but also supports imaginary play as well. I love it.

Get These Animals On Amazon

Tegu Pocket Pouch Magnetic Wooden Block Set

Tegu Pocket Pouch Magnetic Wooden Block Set Toddlers love wooden blocks because there are so many things they can create. What a cool idea to invent magnetic wooden blocks!

The Tegu magnetic wooden block set comes in 8 pieces and a variety of colors. The pocket pouch is fantastic to keep them in one place and well organized for traveling.

This set is fully compatible with the other Tegu magnetic wooden sets. Why not by sets in different colors and see how much fun your toddler will have with this set of blocks.

By the way, the blocks are lead-free non-plastic, non-toxic, and will last for years to come.

Get The Tegu Magnetic Blocks On Amazon

Wikki Stix Lil’ Traveler Playset

wikki stix lil' travelerWikki Stixs are such a great way to keep the kids entertained at any age from three years and older. They are fun to play with, reusable, don’t get sticky like playdough, and are small enough to fit in any luggage.

Even better, the Wikki Stix are made in the USA.

This handy traveler case fits 42 6″ colorful Wikki Stix plus two activity sheets: a road trip bingo and tic tac toe.

This Lil’ Traveler case is perfect to take on your next road trip and airplane ride. You could maybe fit any other small items like a hot wheel or crayons into the case.

Either way, the Wikki Stix will keep your toddler happy and entertained for some time.

Get The Wikki Stix Lil' Traveler Playset On Amazon

Toddler  Travel Tray by DMoose

Toddler Car Seat Travel Tray by DMooseThis toddler travel tray is not a toy as such but it is perfect to hold all the travel toys in one place. Your child will love the attractive design and bright colors.

The travel tray by DMoose comes in six different designs and is made to last! It features a reinforced sturdy base support as well as reinforced sidewalls to avoid sagging or breaking down.

The buckles are pretty solid and the straps are long enough to fit around a car seat or airplane seat. You could also use it with a stroller or in combination with a high chair.

There a side mesh pockets to hold small toys or crayons and even a smart tablet holder.

Even better, this travel tray comes with a lifetime guarantee!

Get The Travel Tray On Amazon

Fire HD 8″ Kids Edition Tablet

Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet The Fire HD 8″ Kids tablet is a bestseller on Amazon with over 6000 sold items and excellent customer reviews.

I am not tech savvy at all but what is really important to me in a high-quality kids tablet is the battery life, the size of the screen, and also the parent control feature.

This Fire kids edition tablet ticks all the boxes. The battery life is around 12 hours which is essential for a long-haul flight or a long road trip.

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In addition, it comes with a kid-proof case (choose from three colors), and one year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited. Even more incredible is the two-year worry-free guarantee.

If the tablet breaks, simply return it and get a replacement; no questions asked.

Get The Fire HD Kids Tablet On Amazon

Hape Go-Fish-Go Magnetic Wooden Toddler Maze Puzzle

Hape Go-Fish-Go Magnetic Wooden Toddler Maze Puzzle The Hape wooden maze puzzle is the perfect travel companion for little people. The beads are enclosed and the magnetic stick is attached to the fish-shaped puzzle.

So nothing can get lost on your journey whether you are traveling in the car or airplane.

The puzzle is easy to hold by little fingers and toddlers just love moving the beads through the maze. this game is fantastic for developing your toddlers fine motor skills as well.

The wood finish is toxic free and of high-quality. Our fish maze still looks like new even after years of frequent use.

This travel toy is suitable for children from two years and older.

Get The Hape Magnetic Fish Puzzle On Amazon

The best travel toys for toddlers who made it on our list are some of our favorite things to take on a vacation or weekend away.

I wanted to give you different ideas and variety to choose from. It doesn’t mean you have to take all of them on your next vacation.♥

Please share what your favorite toys for your toddler are? Or maybe is there something you would not recommend?

I am looking forward to hearing from you!

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