How To Create A Free Website Online

how to create a free website online
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how to create a free website online

In this post, I will show you how easy it is to create a free website online and how it will only take you a few minutes to set it up. But I also want to talk about what you can do with your website especially how you can monetize it. There are at least six different ways how you can make money with your blog or website.

Last but not least I will introduce an online training platform that will teach you how you can build a successful online business. A website is just a start. What you do with it matters the most.

Sounds interesting? Keep on reading!

Create A Free Website

Before I show you how to create a website think about what your website will be all about. What is your interest? What is your hobby? What would you like to write about?

So think of  a name for your site that will also be the name of your domain e.g. and therefore your site name would be ‘Make Money Online’. Another example would be ‘Best Kitchen Blenders’ so the domain name would be

All good? Ready, Set, Go … Here is the link to create your own website:

Congratulations! You have created your first website! The cool thing is that if you are not happy with the name of your site you can delete the site and install your free site  as often as you want.

Now, you have got a website but what can you do with it? How will people now that your site even exists? And if you would like to earn money with it, how do you monetize your site?

Four Simple Steps

You have taken the first two steps :

  1. You choose an interest . In the online business world, it is called a niche
  2. You have built a website. Hurray!

The other two very important steps are:

  1. Get Traffic (visitors) to your website.
  2. Earn money with your website. 

These are probably the most important things to know about and most people know very little about. If you are keen to learn more about it and you want to learn how to succeed with your website than look no further.

Here is my number #1 Recommendation where you can learn how to build a successful online business.

It is called Wealthy Affiliate University and it is the best online training platform. Over 500000 like minded people have joined over the past ten years. They have  learned and successfully build their online businesses. Anyone can join for free  and you don’t need any experience.

How To Make Money With Your Site

Process Of Earning Money Online

This infographic shows you the process of earning money online. It is a simple process but it takes a lot of hard work and commitment. It is not a get rich quick scheme. I don’t believe in this kind of thinking.

The key element is to write quality content for your website within your chosen niche.

For instance, I choose the ‘travel with kids’ niche because I have been traveling a lot with my children in the last few years. You can read more about me here.  This is something I feel very passionate about and I have gained a lot of knowledge.

I also built my website (with the help of Wealthy Affiliate University) to travel the world with my family  and take my business with me and earn money at the same time. How fantastic is that!

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6 Ways To Make Money Online

There are basically six different ways to make money online.

  1. Affiliate Programs
  2. Adsense ads
  3. Building an email list
  4. Amazon
  5. Finding relevant advertisers
  6. Create your own product

Let’s talk about Amazon as an example. Amazon has got products in every niche possible. It is the biggest online seller in the world. So if you promote products on your website that are available on Amazon to purchase you can put a link on your site that would take your visitor to the Amazon store. If this person buys something through your link you will get a commission from Amazon. That is your revenue or passive income.

This is just a brief explanation for this pretty straight forward process. If you would like to read more about it and explore the other five ways of earning money, please read here. This is an in-depth blog  written by Jessica who has been with Wealthy Affiliate University for more than seven years.

It is also a great example of the learning tools available for members of Wealthy Affiliates.


Let’s get your online business started! You have learned how to create your free website and you have read about the best online training platform that will teach you how to build a successful online business. It is free and takes you through a 10 lessons online entrepreneur course.

All it takes on your part is to take action and join the amazing online community at Wealthy Affiliates.

Dream big and take action

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I hope to see you there!

If you have any questions or feedback, please leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you.

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