My 9 Best Tips For A Fun Family Adventure

9 best tips for fun family adventures
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9 best tips for fun family adventures

My 9 Best Tips For A Fun Family Adventure

These are my nine best tips for a fun family adventure. They sum up my experiences I have collected over the years while traveling with my children.

Mostly it’s the little things that can make a huge difference. To be honest with you, sometimes I had to learn it the hard way. Years ago when my boys were still toddlers, I remember waiting for over two hours in a queue to check in my luggage without even a drink in my bag. I didn’t expect the unexpected.

So here are my 9 Best Tips For a Fun Family Adventure at a glance:

#1 Always prepare well in advance. Have a checklist ready and tick it off as you go along (see my travel planning guide for more information).

#2 Get your children involved in the planning; talk about the travel destinations, watch documentaries, cook the country’s local cuisine.  Share your excitement with your kids! Little Passports offer an incredible program for children age three to twelve years old that will help you and your kids getting ready for your next vacation. Please read my review here. We love it!

#3 Take a little first aid kit in your hand luggage. Here is what I put into my first aid kit.

my children in Paris, August 2015
My children in Paris, August 2016

#4 Bring along your children’s favorite toys and a blanket – things that are comforting to them. I put a  list of travel toys for toddlers together that I like to recommend because my children love them.

#5 Try to go early in the evening or at night time. In theory, your child should go to sleep en route to your travel destination.

#6 Have little snacks or treats handy and always bring something for them to drink, especially when your child gets grizzly, tired or is feeling stressed. Running short of ideas of how to keep your little darlings entertained? I have put together a list of free fun travel activities.

#7 Carry wet wipes, hand sanitizer, nappies and a change of clothes in your hand luggage.

#8 Prepare a travel diary. It is an excellent way to write about your experiences, put in photo’s, basically everything you would like to keep as a memory of your adventures.

#9 Take a copy of important documents like passports, driver’s license and credit card number with you.  Leave a copy of it with a family member at home.

I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences. What are your best tips for traveling with children? What has worked best for you? Please leave a comment in the box below. 

Happy Travels!

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8 thoughts on “My 9 Best Tips For A Fun Family Adventure”

  1. Fantastic sight Anka..I would love to learn more about the information bracelets for kids..and also what kind of item’s to put in a travel first aid kit.

    1. Hello Wendy, thank you for your positive feedback. Regarding the Emergency/information bracelet, I have found a great company that offers customized bracelets for children but also for adults. I added the link to my post “How to survive travel as Single Parent” . My travel first aid kit is very small and contains just a few items. I will add a picture with the content very soon. In general, I put plaster, wet wipes,Bach Rescue Remedy and a bandage in it. All the best and happy Travels from Anke

  2. Hi Anke,

    I love the tip of involving your children in the planning and learning about your destination. What a great learning experience for them.

    Great Site.


    1. Hello Gina, thank you so much for your awesome feedback. Getting the children involved is probably something that can be easily overlooked.
      I am glad you find this tip helpful.
      All the best and happy travels from Anke

  3. Hi Anke, these are great tips and suggestions! I have recently traveled overseas with my toddler and I was absolutely terrified about how everything was going to work out! It’s always good to hear/read about other people’s experiences! One thing that I would ad to my list for next time is to carry a my daughter’s birth certificate, as we have not the same surname and ran into some trouble at a passport control because of that. At the time I shocked anyone would not believe that she is my child, in hindsight though, I should have thought about this problem before starting out on our travels. We were okay in the end, but as neither I nor my travel center thought thought about this particular documentation, I thought I’d ad it to your list Anke 🙂

    1. Hi Lisa, thank you so much for your comment. I am glad you are finding these tips/suggestions helpful. I am in the process of writing an article about traveling as single parent and will definitely talk about things like taking a certified copy of your child’s birth certificate. Some countries also require a travel consent form when traveling as a single parent. I am so glad that everything went alright for you. That’s quite a nerve wrecking experience!
      Thanks again for your feedback and important tip.
      All the best Anke

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