My Ultimate Christmas Gift Ideas For Girls – Age 5 to 10

christmas gift ideas for girls
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It is this busy and exciting time of the year again. Are you looking for the perfect gift for your family? Then this guide is for you.  It is aimed to give you some inspiration on what to get for your daughter, niece or granddaughter.

My Christmas gift ideas are suitable for girls from around 5 to 10 years of age. I have based these thoughts on what my daughter and her friends love and what has brought joy and excitement to her over the years.

By the way, the ideas are listed in no particular order. I do hope you love my Christmas gift ideas for girls.

Gift Ideas For Girls 5 -10 Years Old

Lego Friends Heartlake Cupcake Café

lego friends heartlake cupcake cafeMy three children (two boys, one girl) love Lego. The boys, of course, love Star Wars and my daughter loves Lego Friends. It keeps her busy for ages.

First, to build the set and once she has finished it, she plays for hours. It is, even more, fun when her friends come over.

They make their little creations out of the Lego parts which are a cool thing to do. Their imagination can run wild.

I do love that I can choose from different sets according to my girl’s interest e.g. horses, pop star, hairdresser but also according to my budget.

The prices vary between $15 up to $80, depending on the size. The smaller sets would also make a perfect stocking filler.

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 A Travel Suitcase

yodo rolling luggage owlWe travel a lot and have found it very useful when our children have their own bags. When Mariana got her travel bag, she was so excited.

It is very special to her; she packs and unpacks the bag and rolls her suitcase all over the house.

Not only is a suitcase a practical gift but also makes your girl feel important and independent.

It is a great thing to have not only for travel but also when she goes to a sleepover either to her friend’s place or her grandparents.

The Yodo Rolling Luggage Owl is our number one choice because it is not only cute and colorful. It can be used either as a backpack or rolling luggage.

For a full review of this and other suitcases, please click here.

Get The Yodo Bag On Amazon

A Subscription for Little Passports

Little Passports

My family and I love Little Passports ( read my full review for more information here), and I think it would make a lovely Christmas or Birthday present.

Whether you and your family love to travel or you would like your kids to learn more about the world; either way, the Little Passports subscription helps your children to prepare for your next vacation. Or, they can travel with their fingers on the huge world map. 🙂

There is something for every age group. For the girls from 6 to 10 years, I would recommend the World Edition.

Take a sneak peek at the World edition for Exploring Thailand with Kids. Or, delve into the USA Edition and Travel to Louisana and Oregon.

Depending on the age, your child might need some support on your part. Why not explore the world together and enjoy some bonding time.

Click here for Award-winning subscriptions for curious kids. 

Pick-Omino Board Game

pick o mino gamePick-Omino is one of my daughter’s favorite game. The rules are pretty straightforward and easy to understand.

It’s a fun game that will get your kids counting and chasing the worms from the Bbq. Whoever manages to get the most worms, wins the game.

[For more board game ideas, please read my blog Eight Most  Entertaining Board Games  For Kids 5 Years and up]

This game will give your children hours of fun and laughter; it’s also perfect for a family game evening especially on rainy, snowy, cold winter nights and, they are the best alternative to the ever-present electronic devices.

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A Unicorn Gift Set


Most girls love Unicorns. They are such magical loveable creatures that are hard to resist.

This four-piece Unicorn Gift set has it all: a beautiful necklace with one of my favorite inspirational quotes, five hair ties, a make-up bag, plus a drawstring bag that is big enough to hold lightweight items like gym clothes or an iPad.

This set is available in four different designs and colors.

For more adorable Unicorn gift ideas, please click here.

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Girl’s Diary Set

girls diary set

Most girls love being creative and writing little stories. My daughter loves her lined journal with a lock and a fancy ballpoint pen (black ink).

The set also includes 50 assorted stickers and a few 3D stickers, so your darling can create her own cover.

I think that keeping a diary is a great way for our kids to express themselves, write about their emotions or just to doodle or draw a bit.

The key – lock combination can be a bit flimsy. I think that is an issue most diaries have, though.

Overall, this diary set would make a great birthday or Christmas gift.

Get The Girls' Diary Set On Amazon

A Mermaid Tail Blanket

mermaid blanketThis Mermaid tail blanket is just adorable. If your daughter loves Mermaids, (I think every girl does at the moment); then this snuggly, soft, stretchy blanket is the perfect gift.

The blanket is hand crocheted from a material mix of 70% cotton and 30% acrylic. You can machine wash at a low temperature and also tumble dry.

The size is 55.1″ x 27.6″ (140 cm x 70 cm) and is, therefore suitable for kids, but you can also get it in an adult size. This gorgeous blanket is warm but breathable and ideal for snuggling up on the sofa to read a book or to watch TV.

I do love the variety and different colors and the fact that this blanket comes with a special gift, a free Mermaid pendant.

Get The Mermaid Blanket On Amazon


I am fortunate that my children love reading. A book is always on their wish list. My saying is that one can never have enough books. 🙂

Below, you can find some of our favorite stories.

Kid’s Travel Journal

Kids Travel JournalAre you planning your next vacation or weekend trip with your family? If yes, then this kid’s travel journal might be the right present for your daughter.

The hardcover book is beautifully illustrated and makes it easy to write down notes and memories about every day on your family trip.

The journal also includes games that will help to make a flight or road trip go faster.

It’s a great way to paste in postcards, photos, or other little souvenirs.

Get The Kids' Travel Journal On Amazon

A Girl’s Watch

timex girl's watchThe gorgeous Timex girl’s watch comes in nine different designs which are simply adorable. The elastic fabric strap is washable and adjusts easily.

The elastic fabric strap is washable and adjusts easily. The watch is water resistant but not suitable for bathing or swimming.

The cute designs make it fun to learn how to read the time. The colors are very much on-trend.

My daughter loves her watch and is showing it off to her friends at school.

The Timex girl’s watch comes in a gift box.

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This is just a small collection of gift ideas. There are so many more things a girl would love like dolls, handbags, coloring -in books, dresses, scarfs – the list could go on.

But I wanted to share with you what we love to give in our family because I know what my children love and what will get used even after the Christmas season is over.

I would love to hear if you have found something you would like to get for your daughter, granddaughter or niece.

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I wish you a very special Christmas time with your family!

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